Abolition of meat

In particular, everything concerning vegetarianism (including veganism) is included in this section.

Currently, there is one text in this section:

  • Collective, Veggie Pride Manifesto (2001) - Founding text of the demonstration.
  • Antoine Comiti, «Abolition as the most realistic solution» (2007) - «it is our task to question how in practice would it be possible to obtain the hundreds of thousands of tons of meat and the billions of eggs that are produced each year in France, without inflicting on the animals the harm we do to them today?»
  • Comments on Magnus Vinding's “Why "Happy Meat" Is Always Wrong” - «Suppose we discovered that humanity is actually under the control of an extraterrestrial power. They raise us - or rather, just let us reproduce, like no doubt some extensive farmers do for their animals - and typically around 75 years of age they kill us, through what to us appear to be “natural” causes.»