Site news

  • April 16, 2012 - The new site is now online.

  • April 25 - Three texts are currently present in the English section: «Science and the Denial of Animal Consciousness», the Veggie Pride Manifesto and the Manifesto for the Abolition of International Apartheid.

  • May 17 - Addition of Antoine Comiti, «Abolition as the most realistic solution»: «it is our task to question how in practice would it be possible to obtain the hundreds of thousands of tons of meat and the billions of eggs that are produced each year in France, without inflicting on the animals the harm we do to them today? We are to ask how, realistically, a farmer who produces chicken meat from tens of thousands of birds could, whatever good will he or she may have, offer them decent life conditions?»

  • Aug. 6 - Comments are now open on most texts. Several other improvements are in the pipeline.

  • Aug. 20 - Most recent comments displayed on the home pages.

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