I was born in London on 11 March 1956 to a French father and an US mother. I lived mainly in London until 1967, when I was a Stones fan and did not like the Beatles or classical music. I lived mainly in France after that.

My mother tongues are English and French; I am fluent in Italian and can read German. I have studied Spanish, Dutch, Hebrew, Arabic, and recently Turkish.

After a scientific baccalaureate (1974), I studied physics at the ex-ENS de Saint-Cloud (1976-1981) and then at the University of Lyon 1 (DEA in nuclear and particle physics, 1988). I was a physics teacher in 1983-84 (I failed the stage year of the CAPES). Most of my career has been as a computer developer at the University of Lyon 3 and then Lyon 2. I am retired since March 2018.

I have been married since 2008 and have two children: Héloïse (2009) and Emil (2015). I also live with Casper and Ombra (cats) and Nina (dog).

I currently live in France in the Isère département.