I am David Olivier Whittier and this is my website.

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It presents a large part of the texts and lectures I have produced, in French, since the late 1980s. I am currently populating this English section with translations and adaptations, from the contents of the French section.

Almost all my writings and other productions are closely linked with the animal question. I have divided them into four sections:

  • Animalism, in the narrower classical sense. Liberation of non-human animals from the oppression they suffer at the hands of humans (animal liberation), anti-speciesism, the refusal to consume them....
  • Anti-naturalism: against the idea of a natural order to which we should conform; against the idea of an inner essence, species, race, sex, nation... to which beings should conform.
  • The struggle for a new progressivism: the messianic and revolutionary hopes inherited from Christianity and Marxism have become obstacles to an ambitious progressivism.
  • Ethics, sentience and physics: the animal question also has something to say about ethics in general, and even about physics.
  • And a fifth section: miscellania.